Friday, March 7, 2014

snowflake zendala challenge

I really enjoy the zendala templates that Erin Olson puts up on her blog 'the Bright Owl'. On this template she also suggested we think of it as a snowflake. I wasn't seeing a snowflake at first but I remembered that we are allowed to add and subtract lines from the template as we wish so I found my snowflake. 

This is the original template I started with.

I started with one of my hand colored tiles and traced the lines I wanted with my light box. Actually I did the tracing directly with my white gelly roll pen. I then added more aura lines with the white pen and shaded ares I wanted to emphasize with colored pencil.

I decided to keep this zendala simple, and not add tangles this time. It feels much more serene this way.

I can't believe they are predicting more snow tonight. UGH! I am so ready for spring! As much as enjoyed the beauty of this template and the challenge of doing the snowflake, I sure hope the next challenge will have a spring theme!


  1. This snowflake is very beautiful and so is your paper. I will try to send you some spring, we have a very early spring here in the Netherlands.

  2. I love the simplicity and the color.

  3. Beautiful, Sue. Really lovely - despite no tangles! Axxx

  4. Your minimalist approach is amazing as is the choice of colour. Love it!

  5. You certainly did find your snowflake. The color just adds so much. Looks great.


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