Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sharla Hicks seminar

Learning to see shapes in predone backgrounds.

I just got back from an exciting week at Bear Lake, California. I was attending a seminar with Sharla Hicks and Beckah Krahula. Wow, It was so worth it. We learned a lot, we laughed a lot, we enjoyed wonderful scenery, and we ate some really good food. Sharla and Beckah are both Certified Zentangle teachers. There was Zentangle, but sooooo much more.  We dove into mixed media, we tried new tools, and learned new techniques. Dianna Hudson, a chef and a CZT too, prepared all our meals so no one was ever hungry.

I've posted pictures of the work that I did. I'd love to post instructions but you will have to take classes from Sharla yourself!!!

Learning ways to do florals.

Finding botanical shapes in an abstract piece.

Tea bags used for backgrounds.

Solar printing.

Printing backgrounds using osmosis.

Block printing. I made 4 from one plate here.

Silver point.

Using an amazing multi media paint pen for metallic paint. Contact Beckah Krahula to buy one for yourself. Find her on Facebook.

Visiting the Eye of God.

The view from Sharla's cabin.


  1. Wow - so much wonderfulness here. I love all the backgrounds you created, and so many new techniques. I can see ways they could all work alongside tangling too. I have Sharla's Botanicals book so will have to get my fix of learning from that!

  2. Beautiful art, Sue!! Sharla's seminar is one I would love to attend some day.

  3. Wow! These are fantasticly gorgeous, great job!

  4. Hi Sue! Ohhhhhhhhhhh that was SO fun!! Having never attended an art "retreat" before, I was blown away by the knowledge and generosity of our teachers, the skill of our chef and the creativity flowing at our work tables! It was fun getting to know you and the other attendees. I'm already looking forward to next year! :)


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