Friday, July 8, 2011

More watercolor backgrounds

I've been on a roll. After I did the series of colored squares last week I wanted to experiment more with my Tombows. So, using basic watercolor techniques, I came up with these.I don't know exactly when I'll be tangling on them, but now they are ready and waiting.

I love the colors I get with my Tombows, They are strong and vibrant, If I want them lighter I just add more water.

The technique for these is;
Prepare your palette with the Tombows. - on a sheet of plastic like a page protector, scribble a swath of color from each color you plan to use. Don't worry if the color beads up.
On your tiles,
Draw shapes lightly with a pencil.
With clean water and a fine tip brush, wet the entire area you wish to paint. The goal is to have a light sheen on the surface of the paper. If you have puddles you have two much water.
Touch your damp brush to your palette to pick up color.
Dab the color wherever you want. The color will spread automatically with the water. Add more patches of color to get the coverage you want.
You can only do this while the paper is wet. If it starts to dry. STOP. Let it dry completely. Then re-wet and start again.

When the paper is totally dry you can do your tangles. If the paper curled as it dried just use your iron with a piece of tracing paper over the tile.

This is fun to do. When you get the hang of it you'll be grabbing every scrap of paper you can find to try this on.

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  1. Sue:
    Thanks for sharing the process -- these are really fun. Guess I'll be giving one more thing a try :-)


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