Monday, July 11, 2011

string theory challenge #29 results

Last week I was a temporary Diva. Laura posted my string theory as the challenge of the week. Wow, congratulations to everybody that joined in the challenge. It was a fun week seeing everything that everyone submitted to the challenge.

I was so excited seeing how inventive people were with their strings and weights. I thought I'd list some of what I saw people posting to give everyone else some new ideas.

key ring
camera and wrist strap
knotting thread that was unwrapped from around a card (forming kinks)
beaded necklace
ear buds from music players
USB cord
and a wide variety of necklaces with dog tags, heart charms, and some very interesting pendants.

I tried to leave a comment on everyone's post - If I missed you I apologize. They were all so interesting and wonderful.

Now it's off to try the new challenge from Christina!


  1. Really enjoyed your challenge this week, thank you. XOXO Zoe

  2. Thanks for your challenge...I also enjoyed your blog on "strings".


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