Thursday, July 7, 2011

watercolor backgrounds with salt

I've been in a production mode in my studio lately. Creating colored backgrounds that I'll add tangles too later is so much fun. This group was done with my Tombow markers using a watercolor wet into wet technique. I blogged about this once before at . The twist here is that  while the tiles were still very wet, I dropped a few crystals of sea salt onto the surface. As the tiles completed drying, the salt created these lovely marks.


  1. Oh this is just gorgeous! Now if only the tombows weren't so hard to find locally.. wonder what other markers this would work with, hmm...

  2. Thanks - The Tombows work well with water which makes this possible. They also have very vibrant color so a little goes a long way. If you can't find them locally, try Dick Blick. I've ordered through them myself and am satisfied with both their prices and service. (There is a link to them in the right column here.)

  3. I did this once with regular watercolors - I found that it left a film on the paper that my fine-tip pens dragged thru - it really wasn't a smooth surface for tangling or doodling. Maybe the markers would be smoother?


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