Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Michigan jammie retreat report

Over the last few days I've been showing you works in progress from the retreat I just attended. I'm home now and rested up. I love going to seminars but when I get home I need some time to just rest and do nothing. (of course, it did take me 5 hours of driving each way so that tired me out too)

Above is the completed portfolio. We literally made it from scratch, starting with mat-board, paper, and glue. Jean Theurkauf, our fearless leader, made it a much easier process that I thought it would be. She brought so many beautiful colors of Lotka paper with her too, so everyone's portfolio was different. 

I started tangling on my portfolio during class. I know I'll add more but I haven't decided what yet.

These are just a few of the other portfolios completed by the rest of the group.

At the end we collected all our projects on the dining table and oohed and aahed over everyone's work. And of course, we all took pictures.

These are my projects.


  1. Sue, your work is GORGEOUS! You have so much talent. It was such a pleasure to get to know you.

  2. The journal is just beautiful. I love working with lotta paper too. And of course the rest of your projects are wonderful too. Thanks for sharing

  3. Dang that self correcting function. Of course I meant lokta


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